How to get around NYC without using a car

New Yorkers have to get their shit together to get anywhere in the city.

But in some cases, they can simply rely on one of the city’s many public transportation options to get there. 

Here’s how to get to the movies, restaurants, and shopping centers of Manhattan without using any of these vehicles. 


Get your stuff together, and go to the theater 1.

You can buy a ticket to a movie and get a ride to your seat at the theater. 

However, this doesn’t really help when you’re waiting in line at a theater for an hour or more.

If you’re going to wait for an extra half an hour, try to buy the theater a movie ticket for that same time slot.

For example, you could buy a movie tickets for $5 at the AMC Movie Theater, $8 at the Paramount Theater, or $10 at the Roxy Cinema. 

The AMC Movie Theatre in New York City offers a special $5 movie ticket. 


Buy a movie on the subway.

The subway system is great for getting around.

It’s located right on the Hudson River, so if you can get to it by car, you can also get to movies and other events at a reasonable cost. 

But even better, you’ll have a free pass to a wide range of movie theaters.

At the time of this writing, the MTA offers a free movie ticket to anyone traveling to or from the Manhattan Metro. 


Get a bus.

Bus lines have long been a popular method of getting around the city, especially during the day. 

In fact, the New York Post has a section called “30 Ways to Get Around Manhattan without a Car,” where you can find out how to use the bus. 

For example: If your bus is full, you have the option of hopping on a subway and taking the subway to a nearby stop.

Or, you may want to use a shuttle bus to the train station and then walk to your stop. 

Alternatively, you might want to take a bus to one of a few parks near the city center, or you can take a shuttle to the Manhattan Bridge and then hop on a ferry to the ferry terminal, all without using your car. 


Use a carpooling program.

Carpooling programs like Zipcar and Uber are great for those who want to travel without a car.

A carpool will allow you to travel from one point in the same metro area to another without using an additional vehicle. 


Take public transit.

In New York, the subway system, buses, and the commuter rail system are the most convenient modes of transportation for many people.

When you use public transit, you’re generally only paying a fixed amount of time to use your vehicle.

However, if you’re traveling to a popular movie theater or other entertainment destination, you should pay for your time. 


Shop at a public or private shop.

There are many things you can do in order to get a great deal at a shop or other public establishment.

Some of these include: • Get a discount if you shop online.

This is often true when you shop for clothes or other merchandise online. 

For instance, if a store offers a $5 discount, you’d likely shop there.

If you shop at a discount store, you don’t need to use any of your car or public transit money to pay for that item. 

If a shop doesn’t offer a discount, there is always the option to shop at the regular price, which is often $5 to $10 more than the regular prices. 


Make an appointment to get into a movie.

Public transportation can be expensive, but there are a number of great options available for getting from one place to another.

Check out our top 10 cities for moviegoing. 


Don’t buy a car in New Jersey.

People who live in the New Jersey suburbs, which includes Camden and the towns of Westwood and Newark, can’t get to many movie theaters, so many of them sell their own cars.

Instead, people who live outside of these cities should look into renting a car for around $5,000. 



By bike, walking is a great option for getting to and from many places in the country.

Biking is a good way to get from one part of town to another, and there are many great cities for doing so. 10.

Try a free taxi ride from a public transportation stop.

While public transportation is often the best option for people with limited mobility, taxis are not as cheap or convenient as public transportation. 

Some cities offer a free ride on their buses, trains, or trams for people who are short on money. 


Go out to a park or other place