Maryland Transportation Authority hires new contractor to oversee pet transport security

Transportation security agencies across the country have been forced to scramble to figure out how to keep the nation’s busiest transportation networks safe.

Last week, Maryland Transportation Agency (MTA) Secretary Peter T. Johnson announced the hiring of a new security contractor to run the agency’s pet transport systems.

The agency said the security contractor will oversee pet transportation security, which includes the security of the animals that people bring into the state for use on public transportation.

The contract will be awarded this year.

T-Mobile is the largest mobile carrier in Maryland, with a fleet of more than 200 vehicles.

The company will continue to operate the state’s pet-related vehicles, but it will have to rely on private companies to handle the security, said John Binder, director of Maryland transportation, in a statement.

“The company will also need to continue to manage the vehicles’ security,” he said.

Tethers will continue operating the state-owned vehicles, and the agency will use the private security companies to keep tabs on their use.

The contracts, however, do not require the companies to be vetted by the MTA.

Binder did not elaborate on what the company will be working with.

The MVA has been in the process of hiring a new pet transport company for about a year.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been helping the agency find a new vendor for the job.

It has also contracted with an outside security company to work with the MTA, according to the statement.

The TSA will also be taking over the role of the TSA’s pet transportation department, and Binder said the TSA will help the agency with security at the airport.

“TSA has been very cooperative, and we are excited to have the TSA in the Maryland transportation space to support our pet transport efforts,” he added.