How to find out what’s going on in your Twitter feed from Twitter’s new tools

Twitter has released a new tool that lets users discover what’s trending in their own feeds and tweets.

In its beta, the service showed off a number of new features, including a new tabbed experience for browsing news, a new search bar, and the ability to search for and filter the tweets from other users.

The new tab allows users to browse their feed in a new way that’s different from other services like Twitter’s search bar.

It also allows users, like Twitter itself, to see which tweets are being shared, liked, and retweets in their feeds.

Here’s what the new tab looks like:Twitter’s new tab can be accessed by clicking on the little green “Explore” icon in the upper-right corner of your Twitter profile.

Users can then navigate through a series of different sections that will let them filter out specific topics and topics of interest.

They can also see a list of their followers, their timeline, and more.

The section also allows the user to see what they’ve been retweeting, liking, or commenting on.

These sections allow users to quickly check what they’re reading and seeing on Twitter, and also allows them to quickly view the content they’re following.

To find out which topics have been trending in your feed, you can click on the “Trending Topics” tab, which is a new feature.

Users then can scroll through various topics, including “Mildly amusing” or “Top trending,” to see whether they are trending or not.

The “Trends” tab allows you to see the trending topics that have been retweeted, liked or commented on.

It will show the number of times that topic has been retweet, liked and commented on, as well as a list showing the most retweeted and liked posts.

To see which users are most frequently tweeting about a topic, you’ll have to go to the “Tweets” tab.

You’ll see a large list of tweets from various users.

You can filter these tweets by a number from 1 to 5, with 5 being the most common.

This is also where you can filter out mentions.

For example, you might see tweets from someone like, “What’s your favorite color?

#Blue” or posts like, “#BlackLivesMatter.”

The search bar lets you filter by topics and search terms.

The top part of the screen will let you see a map of trending topics and the topics that are most popular, with each bar representing a specific topic or topic of interest for a user.

You have the option to filter your tweets by topic by clicking the “Search” icon at the top of the search bar (the same icon that appears when you click on a hashtag on Twitter’s main search bar).

The search results for topics are sorted alphabetically, so you’ll see topics like “Cars,” “Food,” “Sports,” and so on.

This lets you see the most popular topics in your stream.

It’s not the first time Twitter has been experimenting with new features like this, but the new feature is different in a few ways.

First, the search is a search feature, which means that you can’t click on “Trend” and “Search,” and it’ll show you a list instead.

This means that the “search” tab doesn’t appear as the top-most menu option in your tweets search bar on the main Twitter feed.

Second, Twitter is also not offering search suggestions, but rather, you’re just going to be able to type in a query and see which topic you want to see in the results.

Twitter’s original Twitter search bar shows a lot of “popular” topics, which might be a good indicator of what topics people are sharing, but you might not necessarily be interested in that topic.

Third, you may be able find something interesting and not know it from the Twitter search results, which will let Twitter know that you’re looking for something that’s not in the search results.

And finally, the new search is also a search box.

That means that when you search for a keyword in the “About” section of a tweet, Twitter will show you the result of that query, along with a list with the results from a search for that keyword.

That list is a bit like Twitter Search.

Twitter has also added a new “Trended Topics” section in the Twitter news feed, which allows you the same sort of search results that Twitter News users have.

The news feed’s trending topics section shows you the most frequently retweeted/liked posts, followed by the most “reactioned” posts, and then the most liked tweets.

The main Twitter News section shows the most recent trending topics, the most shared tweets, and all of the recent “Top Trending” posts.

The News section also has a list that shows the top trending topics of the day.

You should be able also to see these search results in the news feed in the same way