Meet the new wedding transport car that’s ready to transport you to your wedding in under an hour

The new wedding transportation car, dubbed “VIP Transporter”, will be ready to take you to and from your wedding within two hours of it arriving.

The vehicle is built for the same purpose, to transport guests to the ceremony as well as their cars and vehicles.

The car is powered by two electric motors and weighs just 1,500lbs, which makes it lighter than a typical limousine.

The luxury wedding transportation vehicle, dubbed VIP Transporter, will be able to transport up to 1,000 guests to your big day in under two hours.

The company, dubbed The VIP Transporters, was founded by former Uber and Lyft drivers, and their car has already been used at weddings in Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand.

The vehicles are powered by a combination of lithium ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries.

According to the company, the cars can handle up to 5,000 passengers at a time, and can go up to 70 miles per hour in a cruising speed of up to 30mph.

The car can also accommodate up to 10 guests in a single seat, which means that the VIP Transporter can transport up 10 guests with ease.

In addition, the vehicle is designed to accommodate up 3,000 lbs of cargo and is equipped with an automatic seatbelt system.

The VIP Transportation car has a seating capacity of up 810 people.

This vehicle is the latest in a long line of new luxury wedding transport cars, and is the first to be designed to cater to the growing demand for wedding transport services.

With so many companies offering wedding transportation services, this car could be a big boon for those looking to cater their wedding.

You can learn more about VIP Transports at their website.

Images: The Vip Transports Facebook page