How to encrypt your internet connection with a simple plug-and-play device

In a recent episode of Silicon Alley podcast Silicon Alley, Mark Cuban explained how he uses an inexpensive car transport trailer as an encrypted wireless connection for his family and friends.

“You can put it on the roof of the truck and have it drive around with its Bluetooth on and it will only talk to you when you want to speak to someone,” he said.

“If you don’t want to be listening to your friend or your kids talk to each other, you can just plug it in and it won’t talk to anybody.”

This week’s episode also featured the debut of a plug-in mobile device called the Smart Traveler, which will enable you to securely transfer and share files over Bluetooth and other secure networks.

A Bluetooth device that allows you to talk to other Bluetooth devices without leaving your vehicle can be used for almost anything.

According to the company, the Smart Car Transport Trailer, which costs $199 and is compatible with iPhones, Android phones and PCs, is the world’s first fully-featured, fully-integrated, and secure mobile car transport device that can communicate with any connected Bluetooth device on the road.

“It’s pretty incredible,” said Ben McLeod, co-founder of Smart Car Transfer, which recently opened its first store in the US.

“I’ve seen this thing in a truck for over a year now.

It’s so easy to set up and use.

It is incredibly secure.”

With the Smart Transport Trailer you can easily transfer files and pictures between any Bluetooth device and the SmartCar Transfer app.

The app also allows you connect to other connected Bluetooth devices to share content and send updates, but you’ll need to use your own phone to do this.

If you want, you could also create an encrypted file sharing service where you can share photos and videos from the SmartTraveler or other devices over Bluetooth.

McLeod said he was keen to point out that this kind of secure connection isn’t necessarily new.

It was only two years ago that we all learned about Bluetooth devices being able to communicate with each other.

While this new form of communication isn’t new, McLeod said that it was the first time it was available in a mobile device.

As he explained, it’s easy to make an encrypted USB connection to a Bluetooth device, but it’s very difficult to make one to connect to a secure wireless network.

That’s why he was happy to share his solution to secure your data with a plug and play device, and he has some advice for anyone who is thinking about getting a Bluetooth car transport.

“We need to get used to not having to have a laptop, and we need to think about using mobile phones as the communication platform,” McLeod explained.

“If someone is in the same room as you, they are just sitting right there.

If you can get a phone to talk with the phone, it makes it really easy for you to communicate.”

Smart Car Transfer is currently accepting pre-orders for the Smart Transfer device, which is set to ship to retailers in late April.