What the hell is Dart?

The Verge is reporting that the company is launching a service that will allow dogs to “dart” around the city.

The service, which is currently in beta, will allow owners of dogs to get around their neighborhoods with the help of a camera mounted on the dog’s collar, and will be offered at a price of $99 a month for one dog and $129 a month (with the option of a larger dog) for two dogs.

Owners of larger dogs can also rent the camera for $10 a month, while smaller dogs will pay $15 a month.

Owners can also pick up a “dagger” that will be used for the purpose of transporting their pets to the shelter.

The company also says it will offer an app to let users track their dogs in real time, allowing owners to track their dog’s location, how many times it’s been in a shelter, and whether it’s sick or not.

Owners will also be able to share the video feed with other owners and staff, so the dog can see what other people are doing.

It’s unclear if the service will actually be able see the video feeds from other people or if it will just show a video feed of a dog and the owners location.

It’ll also likely be easier for users to access if they’re on mobile, though it’s unclear how it will work with GPS-enabled phones, though the company says it plans to “take a holistic approach to this.”

Dart is still in beta.

The Verge will update this story if and when the service launches.