How to protect your car on the road

Transport security agency PTI said on Tuesday that it had identified 3,000 vehicles with suspicious equipment that could be used to transport explosives.

PTI also said it had received a request from a police officer who is in charge of the airport security unit in Algiers for information about the suspicious vehicles.

The agency said it has opened an investigation into the vehicles and will act against those found to be carrying explosives.PTI said it also has been notified about the presence of vehicles with explosives at the airport.

The police officer in charge, the office of the national anti-terrorism police (NTA), told AFP that it is important to note that these vehicles do not carry explosives but are used to carry other goods that need to be inspected by customs and authorities.NTA also said that it was working on ways to ensure that the vehicles cannot be used for the transportation of explosives and explosives materials.

The NTA has been deployed in the city of Algier to deal with the situation.