Benjamin Transportation Company to take over the JT Transportation brand

Transportation company Benjamin Transportation is partnering with Transport Canada to become the exclusive owner of the new JT Transport brand.

Benjamin is one of Canada’s leading car rental companies, providing convenient car-sharing services across the country.

Benjamin will be responsible for the marketing, branding and sales of the brand.

The partnership comes after the Toronto-based company has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of a new $5 billion car-rental tax cut in Canada.

Benjamin said in a statement: “Our goal is to make it easier for Canadians to get around.

We believe the new tax cut will be a major step in that direction, and we are confident the brand will benefit from the opportunity to partner with Transport Minister Denis Lebel.”

The government will also provide $100 million in new tax credits to help companies operate in the new brand, which will also help them build a fleet of vehicles.

Benjamin Transportation has operated in Canada since 1995.

It was acquired by the Crown corporation for $3.3 billion in 2008.

The new brand will be branded as JT Transport and will be part of a nationwide rollout of the company’s fleet of rental cars.

Benjamin has been a long-time supporter of transportation and the car industry.

In 2013, it partnered with the Ontario government to build the first fully automated car service in the country, in an effort to help ease congestion.

The company now has more than 7,000 cars in operation across Canada, including in the Greater Toronto Area.

Benjamin also has a car rental service in Toronto, which it said would launch in the next few months.

The government said the partnership with Benjamin would give the new car rental brand the opportunity for a competitive advantage.

It said that, as part of the agreement, Benjamin will get to keep all the assets of JT Transit including its headquarters in Toronto and the existing JT Mobile app.

Benjamin says the partnership is the largest automotive partnership ever in Canada, with more than 10,000 vehicles.

The agency said Benjamin will continue to operate JT Mobility, a vehicle rental company, in Canada and will expand its fleet to cover the province of Quebec.