Gerardo Sanchez, the man who took a plane across the country to help get a train through the Northeast

Sanchez was one of the lucky ones who got to board the #1 train in the Northeast in July.

The train is owned by the New Jersey Transit, which was scheduled to make its Northeast stops in New York City and Philadelphia, and it was the only one of four Northeast routes to be opened to the public in July, according to the company.

The Northeast route between Boston and New York was supposed to be the last stop of the Northeast line before the train leaves New York, but the train ran into a problem on a track in New Brunswick, N.J., when Sanchez jumped in the middle of the trip.

“It was really rough, I was crying, and I think the conductor said, ‘We can’t do this, can we?

We can’t just go right now,'” Sanchez told NBC News.

“We tried to go to the other end, and we got stuck on the tracks.

The conductor said I couldn’t get out, and then I got out of the car and I was just so sad, I didn’t know what to do.

I was so sad and so upset.”

The #1 is one of five Northeast trains scheduled to open to the general public this summer.

Sanchez says the only way he and his family could have made it on the train was if he was allowed to board.

“I couldn’t board the train.

So I was like, ‘I’m sorry.

I have to go.’

I had to go,” Sanchez said.

“They were waiting for me.

I had the whole thing in my mind.”

It took a lot of luck to get onto the train, but Sanchez says it was worth the effort.

“The only reason I did it is because of the people that I helped.

I just felt so good.

I’m very thankful,” Sanchez told New York Magazine.

“Even though I didnít get on the bus, it felt good, and thatís what matters.”